Resolving Workplace Disputes Through Employment Law in New Zealand


Individuals spend a great deal of time at work. As a result, conflicts may arise between team members, and employers need to be prepared for this. Employment advice in NZ can be of great help in determining adequate conflict resolution procedures and helps employers figure out how to avoid workplace disputes where possible.

Why Conflicts Arise

Certain individuals lack the relationship skills needed to work closely with others. They often feel they know best in any situation and fail to acknowledge input from others, or they may simply have a personality that doesn’t allow them to work with others. Training may be inadequate, or certain employees may not do well with change. Management style often comes into play in workplace disputes also. Company law training can help to prevent disputes before they arise, thus this is an option every business should consider.

Stop Disputes Before They Start

It’s best to prevent disputes when possible. When an employer waits until there is a conflict, he or she finds that more work is involved in the process. Make certain all employees share the same values as they relate to the company, the same purpose, and the same identity. This needs to be done when the business is first established and must be addressed regularly. One suggestion is to bring employees together at a set time, possibly twice a year, and review these three shared items to keep everyone focused and grounded.

Putting A Conflict Resolution Policy Into Place

In the event a dispute does arise, employees need to attempt to resolve the issue without outside interference. When this isn’t possible, mediation may be required and, if this does not help end the conflict, the Employment Relations Authority may be called in. The last step is to apply to the Employment Court, yet most businesses don’t want to see a conflict go this far. To avoid this, intervene quickly and remind the employees of the team norms. Find a way to reach an agreement between the two parties, taking each person’s point of view into consideration.

If you find you are struggling to resolve workplace disputes, call on Employment Law Training ( for help. Employment law in NZ is their specialty, and they can assist you in establishing conflict management procedures for employees and provide employment law training for supervisors and HR professionals. With their help, you can get your organisation back on track in very little time.


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